I’m Chelsea Lauren, a young adult and new adult contemporary fiction author. At the age of 13, I realized I had a choice to make: start writing or let the stories consume me. The minute my hand hit the paper, it was an adrenaline release like no other. There was no way I could possibly return to a world without writing. 

Throughout my life, I’ve used words to create other worlds, understand my feelings, educate, and open doors for others to recognize and understand that they weren’t alone. 

With a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing and a Master’s in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, I took my hobby and made it a career. Whether through writing, teaching, mentoring, or running a self-publishing business, I make sure to surround myself with creativity and follow my passions.

I strive to illuminate diversity and reduce stigma by creating authentic, vulnerable, and strong characters. My hope is that my readers will embrace their own qualities and be inspired by my character’s journey. Representation is important. While I recognize I can only play the part so much, I do what I can to create original stories. I refuse to let my platform go to waste without inspiring, motivating, and encouraging change.

When I’m not writing, I’m helping other writers by editing, proofreading, and helping self-publish their books through my company, Represent Publishing

On my downtime, I enjoy yoga, practicing mindfulness, camping, and reading. You’ll always find me with coffee in the morning, and ideally, distracting myself with a good book.