Black History Month

Black History Month Spotlight: Derek Walcott

Today’s #blackhistorymonth quote comes from Sir Derek Alton Walcott, who was born in St. Lucia. He is a Nobel Prize-winning poet and playwright. 

Walcott published his first poem in a local newspaper at just age 14! Soon after, he got a loan from his mother and started publishing poetry pamphlets while still in school. 

His most well-known play was “Dream on Monkey Mountain,” which was in production Off-Broadway in 1971. It centers around the main character, Makak, who despises himself for being black.

Walcott’s poetry was historical and demanded to be heard. He captured the beauty of the Caribbean and the complexities of living in two different cultural worlds.

To learn more about Walcott, check out his New York Time’s profile. Consider purchasing a poetry collection by Derek Walcott through a black-owned independent bookstore or Book Shop, a website that supports independent bookstores.

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