Editing Services

Are you interested in affordable editing services for your book?

Represent Publishing specializes in young adult and new adult contemporary novels, romance novels, and fantasy novels. Payment plans are available. 25% non-refundable deposit required before the start of each service. All editing services include two rounds of edits.

Packages are available at a discounted rate, all can be customized.

Same day service may be available for certain projects. On a tight deadline? Email representpublishing@gmail.com with “same day” in subject line.

*Prices are USD*

Rush Service (48-72 hour turnaround):

Free 2,000-word sample edit available.

Editing is not compromised, but the project holds priority. Perfect for writers who maybe are past their deadline and need some help not changing their publication date. Or for those writers ready to churn out the next novel!

Developmental edits: $0.02/word

Line edits: $0.01/word

Proofread: $0.007/word

Developmental Editing ($0.01/word)

Free five-page sample edit available.

In-depth edit of the entire manuscript

Intensive, specific feedback

Examination of plot holes, characterization, setting, realistic dialogue, etc.

Restructuring of sentences or paragraphs

Edited with the target audience in mind

Optional: 30-60 min video chat or phone call after the service to discuss edits and brainstorm revising the next draft.

Line Editing ($0.007/word)

Free 2,000-word sample edit available.

Line-by-line edits

Focus on misused words, clunky syntax, awkward phrasing, inconsistencies, grammar

DOES NOT cover plot holes or characterization issues

Should be done after or in the same package as developmental editing

Proofreading – $0.005 per word

Makes sure author, line-editor, and beta-reader have all marked major flags

Service is really for that one final read-through.

Looking for someone to evaluate your work, but maybe not looking to shell out the big bucks for editing just yet?

You may request a developmental edit of up to five chapters. A few chapters will give us enough information to recommend a service.

Manuscript Critique – $0.005 per word

Developmental edit of up to five chapters.
One to two page detailed report on what does and doesn’t work
Tweaks made to manuscript here and there
Suggestions on what type of book editing service(s) is needed
If purchased, save 15% on another book editing service.

Manuscript Assessment

Looking for someone to read through your novel to let you know what works and doesn’t work? This service includes a one to two page detailed report about the book. Offering ideas, recommendations for changes, and suggestions for an editing service. It does not include any editing in the document. This is essentially an enhanced beta read. If purchased, save 15% on another book editing service.

$50 for up to 60K
$70 for up to 80K
$90 for up to 100K
$110 for up to 120K

If purchased, save 15% on another book editing service.

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