Book Coach

Finding the right book coach is essential to establishing yourself as a writer. With our customizable one-on-one book coaching service, we create deadlines that work best with your schedule and focus. We will discover your strengths and weaknesses through our time together with chapter-by-chapter critiques and feedback. We’ll dive deeper into how to fix plot holes, develop unique characters, write realistic dialogue, and create an immersive setting, all while keeping you on track for your deadline.

This service is perfect if you have a great book idea, have a few chapters written or a half-finished book, and need assistance implementing deadlines, focus, and structure.

Developmental Editing

Developmental edits are intensive critiques and edits of your manuscript as a whole. With this service, you’ll receive an assessment that will guide you to start revisions. Chapter-by-chapter feedback and summaries will assist you in organizing and maintaining focus on your overall goal of the story. The manuscript will also have in-line suggestions and comments, keeping all feedback in sync.

This service is perfect if you’ve completed your first draft and need a fresh set of eyes to help bring out your book’s full potential.

Line Edits

Line edits are when the editor goes line-by-line through your manuscript, focusing on misused words, clunky syntax, awkward phrasing, inconsistencies, and grammar. This does not cover plot holes, characterization, or setting issues. Entire lines could be rearranged or cut with this service. This should be done after a developmental edit (if necessary).

This service is perfect for writers who have revised their book a few times, had beta readers, and are now looking to clean their manuscript up.


Proofreading is the last set of eyes on your manuscript. The editor will go through with a fine-tooth comb, doubling-checking that the author and previous editors have marked all major flags. This is one final read-through. When purchased with developmental or line editing, save 10%.

This service is perfect for writers who know their story is developed, have completed multiple revisions, maybe had beta readers, and are looking for one final fresh set of eyes.

Manuscript Assessments & Critiques

Not sure where to begin, but you know that your manuscript needs a little help? We offer both assessments and critiques!

Our manuscript assessment essentially is an enhanced beta-read. An editor will read your entire manuscript and write up a 1-2 page developmental assessment, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

Our manuscript critique is a developmental edit of up to five chapters. You will receive an assessment highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, and intensive feedback on all five chapters. Your editor will also suggest the services they recommend.

Both services offer a 15% discount if you choose another editing service afterward.

Book Covers and Marketing Design

Treat yourself to the eye-catching book cover of your dreams!

Have an idea already, or maybe you are just starting to think about it? Discuss your ideas with our graphic designer, and let us create the cover you’ve always imagined!

We offer an array of design packages. Whether you’re looking for pre-order swag, help with beta readers, a book trailer, or marketing your published book, we are sure to have it here!

Self-Publishing & Editing Packages

Psst, we offer discounts! Are you looking for a few of these services? What about an all-inclusive self-publishing package? Maybe you don’t know where to start? Pick the package that speaks to you! Or customize your own for your ideal self-publishing experience!