Chelsea Lauren

Founder, Book Coach, and Editor

Chelsea Lauren, the founder of Represent Publishing, started writing when she was in middle school. After having vivid dreams that kept her up at night, she started to write them down. She never realized until then that being an author was a job she could strive for. From then, the rest is history.

In high school, she was the editor of her school newspaper and was published in Water Writers: A Hudson River Anthology. Now she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

In 2017, she self-published her first novel, Underneath the Whiskey. Since then, she’s published a co-written novel with Brittany Evans and has been a part of Winter Neverland: An Anthology. In 2018, she founded Represent Publishing, where she’s had the pleasure of helping authors through the journey of self-publishing. 

Brittany Evans

Graphic Designer and Marketing

Residing in the middle of nowhere in Canada, Brittany has loved graphic design for as long as she’s known how to use a computer. In her early childhood, she made websites based on her favourite T.V. shows like, Naruto and Winx Club. In high school, she was the yearbook editor, and the cover she designed won an award for best yearbook cover in her province. Since then, she has designed the book cover for Simply An Enigma, a young adult, own voice novel, that reached number one on Amazon for new releases.