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May is Mental Health Month, and we want to share some useful resources with you. Everyone could use a little boost now and then, and no one should have to deal with heavy issues alone. Here you’ll find some general mental health resources and articles specifically about mental health and writers. Always make sure to practice self-care. Mental health is just as important (if not more) as physical health! 

Anxiety & Depression Association of America

ADAA is an international non-profit seeking to prevent or help people get treatment and cures for their anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more through education, practice, and research. They have an extensive list of resources that can be found here.

60 Digital Resources

This is a great list that was put together by the Social Work License Map website. You can search by several metrics such as population or specific disorder. This list covers everything from Autism Spectrum Disorder to Veterans with PTSD. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI is a great organization with a huge list of resources that can be found here. They also have a blog, video resources, and more. You can even download free Mental Health Month graphics to share on social media.

Mental Health First Aid

The National Council put together this resource list for Mental Well-being. There are resources listed for general mental health, suicidal ideation, anxiety and depression disorders, substance abuse, and helplines.

To Write Love on Her Arms

TWLOHA is one of my favorite organizations. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to finding help and providing hope to those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. This organization was the only ray of hope in my life between 16-21. To this day, I remember how desperately I grasped onto every word of theirs. They provide blogs, a podcast, hope emails, steps to treatment, attend events, and so much more.

Articles About Mental Health for Writers

Here’s a selection of articles specifically about mental health and writers. Some have coping tips, and others explore links between writing and mental health struggles. The good news is that writing is a fantastic coping mechanism!

Mental Health for Writers

Here’s a wonderful article on mental health for writers by TCK Publishing. We know our brains are unique. This article offers suggestions for many things we deal with regularly that affect our mental health as writers.

The Writing Life: Writing and Mental Health

This is an interesting article by Electric Lit that explores the connection between writers and mental health disorders. The theory presented is that writers use writing as therapy.

5 Writing Therapy Prompts

This list is by the mental health blogger, Rachel is Procrastinating. She shares how to use writing to improve your mental health with some helpful prompts to get you started.

The Benefits of Journaling

Writing is SO good for your mental wellbeing, no matter who you are! Here is an article outlining the benefits as well as how to use journaling to help you on your mental health journey. This is your justification for buying all those beautiful notebooks!

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