Pride Month: Heather Novak

Our sixth author for Pride 2021 is Heather Novak!

Represent Publishing decided to do a quick interview with Heather to get to know her better and learn more about her release.

Question and Answer

Name and Genre:

I’m Heather Novak and I write award-winning romantic comedy and paranormal romance (both hetero and LGBTQ+)!

What are some fun facts about you?

I used to be a rock star (well, a competitive theatre organist) and majored in film before transitioning to being a full-time author. I’ve had a ridiculous number of jobs that have led to even more ridiculous stories that I put into my books—like that time four guys in suits lifted my car out of a ditch. I identify as bisexual and was honored with Business Equality Magazine’s 40 LGBTQ+ Leaders Under 40 award in January 2021.


Tell me about your books:

I have five books from two different series out right now, as well as several installments of flash fiction.

The Lynch Brother’s Series featuring HUNTING WITCH HAZEL, THREAT OF RAINE, and DEAD LIKE ROMI is a paranormal romance novella series that centers on three witch hunters who fall in love with three witches. They’re fun, fast, and steamy reads that deal with found family and strong friendships. They’re available in ebook and paperback.

My Edie’s Auto series, featuring the award-winning books HEADLIGHTS, DIPSTICKS, & MY EX’S BROTHER and FIRE TRUCKS, GARTER BELTS, & MY PERFECT EX, are full-length romantic comedies that celebrate diversity and female friendships, centered around a female-run auto shop. They’re available in Kindle Unlimited, paperback, and audiobook.

Here’s the premise of MY EX’S BROTHER, book one in the series: Running an auto shop is hard; running an auto shop with your ex—who’s about to become your stepfather—and his hot brother is just ridiculous. (And then there’s the rooster.)

How did you publish, and why did you choose to publish that way?

I’m a hybrid author. I have five indie books out, and my upcoming LGBTQ+ paranormal romance series drops with Tule Publishing in Spring 2022. I started in indie because it fit best with my work schedule at the time. I made the move to traditional publishing after a few years so I can concentrate more on the creative aspect of writing, instead of the business side. 

Do you have any advice for new writers? 

There’s no one way to be an author. Indie, traditional, and hybrid offer different options for everyone. Take your time to know what will fit you best. Also, if you’re going indie, make sure to hire good editors and have a professional cover.

Allow your first draft to suck. Don’t compare yourself to other authors—even your peers—but instead appreciate their journey and learn from watching them. It takes about five to seven books to really find your core story (the story you want to tell) and discover what kind of writer you want to be. 

It’s okay not to publish everything you write. I have a dozen books on my computer that will never see the light of day. My favorite writing course for new writers is Writing With Maggie Stiefvater’s writing course, which is on Etsy. Also, the book 2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron changed how I outline and edit. 

This industry is very interconnected. Be careful about badmouthing anyone on social media (including other authors, agents, and publishers), and don’t respond to rejection letters (unless requested). Take your complaints or worries to your group chat or call your bestie instead!  Before you sign a contract or NDA with anyone, make sure you have a lawyer who is familiar in media contracts review. Know your worth as an author, spend the time and money on sensitivity readers and diversity workshops, and be true to the story you want to tell while keeping an eye on the market. And most importantly, read heavily in the genre you want to write in. Make sure you understand what’s expected of you. 

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