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Pride Month: Silvas Denver Melvin

Our seventh author for Pride 2021 is Silvas Denver Melvin!

Represent Publishing decided to do a quick interview with Silas to get to know him better and learn more about his release.

Question and Answer:

Name and Genre:

My name is silas denver melvin, and I primarily write free verse poetry with a focus on gender, sexuality, and strong emotion, though I like to experiment with many forms and subjects of writing.

What are some fun facts about you?

As for things within the world of literature, I was selected to participate in the Young Writer’s Conference at Middlebury College on Breadloaf: School of English campus in 2017 for my poetry. There I attended open mics, did readings with my dorm mates, and met the incredibly talented poet, Kenyatta Rogers.

Outside of arts, I am a 5th generation chicken farmer, primarily interested in raising Old English bantams. My grandfather was the local milkman, when such a thing existed, and other branches of my family are still working within the agricultural field.

Grit by Silas Denver Melvin

Tell me about your recent release:

My debut poetry collection, Grit, was released in late November 2020. With the phenomenal editing help of Rebecca Rijsdijk, founder of Sunday Mornings at the River publishing, I was able to put together a collection of incredibly personal and raw poems about growing up trans, rural, and largely confused by the structure of the world, but surviving despite that.

How did you publish, and why did you choose to publish that way?

As mentioned, I was lucky enough to have a chance to publish with Sunday Mornings. Rebecca, and all her connections in the literary world, were a blessing for me, as I had not gone about collection publishing before her. 

Do you have any advice for new writers? 

My main advice would be to write as unconventionally as possible. Bend the rules of grammar and syntax and spelling until you find your voice. When you are honest and self-indulgent, you’ll be way less likely to encounter writer’s block. Write for you. 

Learn more about Silas’ on Instagram!

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