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Pride Month: Writer Spotlight

Our third author for Pride 2021 is Savy Leiser!

Represent Publishing decided to do a quick interview with Savy to get to know her/they better and learn more about their release.

Question and Answer

Name and Genre:

I go by my own name, Savy Leiser! For some books, I go by “SAVY,” just my first name, in all caps. For the books I produce for my business, I use the brand name “Furever Home Friends.” However, for “’90s Kids,” I went under Savy Leiser, my name! “’90s Kids” is a genre blend; it’s a contemporary YA novel with a sci-fi twist, but above all else, it’s a F/F romance.

90s Kids by Savy Leiser

Tell me about your recent release:

When was it released? 

It’s coming out June 8, 2021! I’m so excited to have a Pride Month book release!

What’s it called? 

“’90s Kids”!!! It’s probably my favorite book title so far!

What’s it about? 

I like to call it “lesbian ‘Back to the Future’!” “’90s Kids” is the story of two girls born at opposite ends of the ’90s — one in 1990 and one in 1999 — who both turn 16 (in 2006 and 2015, respectively) and go to take their drivers’ license tests. During the tests, both girls get involved in a time travel accident, which sends them back to 1989 where they meet, fall in love, and run from DMV government officials trying to contain them. The book is also full of fun pop culture references from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s.  If you like “Star Trek,” “Back to the Future,” Nirvana, the MySpace days, and old arcade games like Frogger and Pac-Man, you’ll love this! 🙂 The book is also full of LGBTQ+ representation. During the novel, one of the main characters struggles with accepting her bisexuality, and the other main character is an asexual-coded lesbian who also discovers her sexual orientation during their time-travel adventure. Since the novel is set in multiple different time periods, it also covers how LGBTQ+ rights and culture has been received differently in each era.

Is this your debut? If not, what number book is this? 

“’90s Kids” is actually my 10th published book! Before this book, I’d published one other F/F contemporary sci-fi romance, “Sculpt Yourself,” under Represent Publishing! 🙂 I also have two self-published YA novels, “One Final Vinyl” (May 2020) and “Beauty King” (February 2016).

In September 2020, I published my first non-fiction book, “#SavvyBusinessOwner,” which is all about my process of developing my company, Furever Home Friends: a series of books, plushies, toys, and merch based on real rescue dogs. In the Furever Home Friends book series, I have written five books. In total, that makes “’90s Kids” my 10th book! It’s also my first traditional publishing experience, and I was really excited to work with the small press Muse Media.

How did you publish, and why did you choose to publish that way? 

I chose to traditionally publish this book with a small press. Anyone who watches my YouTube channel, “SAVY WRITES BOOKS,” or belongs to my Facebook group, “The Real Boss Babes,” knows how passionate I am about small business and about watching small businesses collaborate. I have always wanted to try traditionally publishing a book, just to get a new experience, but I didn’t want to work with a big-5 publishing company. Muse Media is a new small press that just ventured into book publishing in 2020. This press has been publishing magazines since 2007 (and I’ve been writing for two of its magazines since 2016), so when I learned they were venturing into book publishing, I instantly pitched my book! I love that Muse Media is a woman-owned small business as well, just like Furever Home Friends! 🙂

When did you start writing? 

When I was 4, my mom adopted our first rescue dog, and I started writing stories about him. Now I’m 28 and I run a company creating books about rescue dogs! Funny how that worked out. The weird things you did as a kid can turn into a whole career, so never discount those. I also still play with toys, and as a result, I own a book and toy company. The world puts too much emphasis on this idea of “maturity.” Sure, just messing around doesn’t pay the bills, but this vague idea of “maturity” doesn’t pay the bills either. 

Do you have any advice for new writers? 

Don’t stress. Don’t take anything so seriously. Writing is a joyful experience. I see too many memes online about how writing is all about pain and self-loathing. But for me, I like to be excited about projects. I’ve also recently started co-writing with another author (we have our first book coming out in August), so that experience has felt more like hanging out with a friend, chatting all day, and coming up with crazy ideas, rather than work. I know this advice is really vague, but honestly, it works for me. Remember what ignited your passion for writing in the first place, and focus on that!

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’90s Kids is now available! Put it on your TBR here!

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