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Pride Writer Spotlight Round-up

Throughout the month of June, we’ve featured different authors who identify in the LGBTQIAP+ community. We’ve learned fun facts about the author and have learned more about their books!

This post is just a culmination of who we’ve featured. To learn more about each author, check out the links to their individual posts!

Thank you for all who were featured this year, and we’ll see you again for Pride 2022!

Author: O’Jay Barr

Buy O’Jay Barr’s books here!

Author: Cal Sherwood

Buy Cal’s book here!

Author: Savy Leiser

Buy Savy’s books here.

Author: Kate Hazel Hall

Buy Kate’s book here!

Author: Emily Rooke

Buy Emily’s book here!

Author: Heather Novak

Buy Heather’s books here!

Author: Silas Denver Melvin

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Author: Blair Watson

Buy Blair’s book here!

Author: J. D. Morris

Buy J.D.’s book here!

Author: Ellen E.

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Author: Michael Mahin

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