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Writer Spotlight – Danielle Merchant

All month for Women’s History Month, we will be featuring women indie authors! Follow along every Tuesday and Thursday this month to learn about new writers and new reads.

Introduce Yourself!

Hi, I’m Danielle Merchant.

I write Fiction, I haven’t narrowed down a specific fiction category and don’t know if I ever will! I range from romance, to dark psychological thrillers and spiritual journeys. However, all seem to have a strong female character and most have a story of redemption. 

Fun Facts: I have a cat named Peanut, she is named after my Mother who calls me by that name. We live in a tiny house in Northern California. I came to California during the Pandemic. This will be my first book (of many) to be published. Aside from writing, my other passions are health, fitness, food and music. (I can out eat and out lift most men.) 

How did you start writing?

Writing is therapy for me, it has been since I was a little girl.  I started writing when I was a child, unwarrantedly grounded to my room. I wrote poems, short stories, and music lyrics. Then I grew up, moved out of the house and  got busy with sports, college, boys and eventually  pursuing a traditional career.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself and, eventually, I landed in a vodka bottle. I spent half of a decade deep in alcoholism addiction. This resulted in my third DUI and a four month jail sentence. During my time behind bars I found my therapy, passion and self again. I started writing. I spent my days filling thousands and thousands of pages and  I hand wrote a 90,000 word novel called Running Home. Since my release, less than a year ago, I have remained sober, kept writing and my dreams are coming true.

What is your writing process like?

My writing process is sporadic. Sometimes inspiration hits me at 3am, but typically it starts with the notes app on my iPhone. Then I move to Grammarly on my laptop, sometimes back to my phone and finally Google Docs where I share it with my Mom, my first inline editor! There are numerous other steps in that process, (like putting on noise canceling headphones and listening to the music artist NF), but that is the jist of it!

What inspired you to write “Are You Ready for the Fairytale Ending”? 

“Are You Ready for the Fairytale Ending?” was inspired by my and my friends’ own struggle with dating in modern times, as well as my belief in The Universes time over my own.

Do you have any other books published/are you working on anything new?

I continue to work on my original novel, Running Home. I am working on a few writing contests but I am waiting/looking for the next story! 

Do any authors influence your writing?

Gillian Flynn

Kristin Hannah

Lisa Gardner

Gabby Bernstein 

Molly Giles 

What is your favorite piece of writing advice?

Persistence is Key.

Time to promote you! How can people find you? What should they look out for next?

I am so new to my writing career that I do not have any current publications to be promoted, but look out for my short story, “Are You Ready for the Fairytale Ending” on July 8th, 2022!

I am still working on my novel, Running Home, and a few other pieces. My newly created professional Instagram page is danielle_merchant_author. My personal page is more health and fitness related, and you can find me there at dani_elle02029.

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