Why hire a book coach?

Do you have an idea, but don't know where to start? Or a pesky rough draft that you can’t seem to finish?

Maybe you need accountability to keep you motivated and determined?

Chelsea Lauren is intuitive and efficient. When your manuscript is in her hands, she is as passionate about it as if it were her own.

Included in the service:

Weekly or bi-weekly submissions

Developmental chapter edits & chapter-by-chapter feedback

A second round of developmental edits are done once the first draft is complete.

A book assessment document that outlines the chapter feedback, plot holes, and strengths and weaknesses of the setting, pacing, characters, and overall plot of the manuscript

Weekly 30-min or bi-weekly 60-min brainstorming sessions and unlimited email support.

10% off a line editing or proofreading service.

Let’s chat about how a book coach can hold you accountable, set up deadlines that work with you, and improve your focus. It’s time to get support where you need it most!

3-month service

6-month service

12-week service. Starts at $98/week.

Base pay is for manuscript up to 40K words

24-week service. Starts at $98/week.

Base pay is for manuscript up to 80K words