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This service is perfect if you’ve completed your first draft and need a fresh set of eyes to help bring out your book’s full potential.

This service is perfect if you have a great book idea, have a few chapters written or a half-finished book, and need assistance implementing deadlines, focus, and structure.

This service is perfect for writers who have revised their book a few times, have had beta readers, and are now looking to clean their manuscript up.

This service is perfect for writers who know their story is developed, have completed multiple revisions, maybe had beta readers, and are looking for one final fresh set of eyes.

This service is perfect for writers who want an all-in-one package. With customizable tiers, authors can pick and choose what suits them and their budget.

An assistant can help manage day-to-day operations and administrative tasks, leaving the author more time to focus on their core skill: writing.

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