I have always wanted to be a writer. I just didn’t think I knew how to be a good writer. I’ve looked at different book and writing coaches before but it has never been anything I could afford. Chelsea’s book coach service looked more manageable. When I asked for more info, she created a payment plan that allowed me to learn from her but also pay my bills.

A book coach is very overwhelming. It is hard. I wanted to give up. But each check in from Chelsea kept me going. She felt like a friend. Sometimes we talked on the phone about anything but writing to calm my nerves. I’ll definitely be back to work with her. For the first time if my life, I have a completed book. I didn’t think I’d ever get there.

- Jessica T

Chelsea was a lifesaver! I’ve never published a novel before so getting my book ready for that was really intimidating. Luckily, I came across Represent Publishing and contacted Chelsea about developmental and line-editing. From the beginning, she had fantastic communication and walked me through the steps of what to do now that I had a finished draft. After a consult on FaceTime, I hired her immediately! She was professional and got my novel back to me faster than I could have imagined. I can’t wait to work with her again!

- Amy G.

After a dreadful experience with my previous editor, I decided to take a chance on Represent’s services. I figured the prices were decent enough, and it wouldn’t suck me dry like my previous experience. I contacted for more info. Chelsea got back to me after a couple of hours, answering my questions very thoroughly. Our 30 min consult turned into an hour as we hit it off immediately. I felt so comfortable handing over my manuscript again, knowing that any changes or suggestions she made, I could ask about and not feel like an awful writer. Any major changes had detailed comments on why it was cut or changed. I feel like I grew as a writer just by reading her edits. I’ll definitely be hiring her again for my next book.

- Bree M.

Self publishing was daunting. Not only was I worried about writing and making sure my work was good enough to publish, but also having to worry about how to do all the background work on top of that was a lot.

Chelsea made it easy and helped me every step of the way, answering my questions and explaining the process as we were going through it.

Represent Publishing truly cares about the authors and writers they work with and I plan on using them on future projects.

Professional, friendly, cost effective, lifesaver.

- TR Nickel

Overnight, my book formatter bailed on me when my book was supposed to be published within a week. Recommended by a friend, I contacted Chelsea in a panic. My timeline was already off. This was the last straw for me. Chelsea answered immediately, helping calm me down before we spoke. She offered me a rush service, and I’m still blown away by the turnaround time. I highly recommend her service!

- Gina C.

I was impressed with Chelsea’s sample edit she did with my manuscript, so I decided to hire her to complete the editing service. She did a really good job with helping me improve my manuscript. Her communication is really good and she’s really informative. She made sure I understood her suggestions well and most importantly, she’s very prompt! I would highly recommend hiring Chelsea if you have a manuscript or anything you need edited; from a developmental standpoint or just a proofread.

- Jazz C.