Kelsey is a lifelong lover of reading and writing books. As a kid she spent hours on the family's desktop computer after school writing stories about characters like herself and ones she dreamed of being. She has always been fascinated by people and took that curiosity with her to college where she studied journalism and creative writing. That was also where she discovered a talent for the finer mechanics and inner workings of writing. After college, she became a farmer . . . but that's a different story.

Though life has taken her down many paths, she always comes back to the same place. Editing is Kelsey's true passion. There is nothing she loves more than the feeling of looking at a fresh, untouched project ready to be edited. Well, perhaps that moment when she finally gets a string of sentences to convey exactly what the writer means. But maybe the feeling she loves most is a talented author trusting her to prepare their vulnerable words for publication. With more than 10 years of experience, she aims to be approachable, sensitive, and empowering with her edits.

You'll usually find Kelsey hanging out with her wife in their garden, foraging for wild medicinal plants, going for long mountain drives, reading, or even editing just for enjoyment.