The Naturals. Pirates hunt them. Islanders fear them. Orphans pray for them.

In 2104, mankind witnessed the first of many natural disasters when Mother Nature ripped the planet apart, creating small islands, giving pirates the opportunity to seize control. The Islanders’ safety now relied solely on the Pirate Commodore and her law.

Meet Tippy Lopez. She knows nothing about the old world and its technology, but she grew up listening to stories about one clan that challenged the pirates and rescued orphans from pirate life. Tippy and her friends wanted to be just like them—The Naturals—and they were. For two years, they hid orphans in a secret bunker, until they were caught and sentenced to ten years mining sulfur.

When the Naturals attack Tippy’s cavern, they are not what she once believed. They are worse than any pirate crew. They force the orphans into four gruesome phases, where only the strong survive and the weak are killed. If Tippy and her friends want to escape, they’ll need to be the strongest. But with her friends hardened by prison life, she fears she won’t be able to stop them from joining. When the grand prize is revealed, even Tippy cannot resist the temptation of becoming a Natural.