Brittany Evans has always been known for her creativity and wild imagination. Growing up, she would make websites of her favorite TV shows like Winx Club and Mew Mew Power, spending hours and hours until they looked just right. In high school, she went on to be the yearbook editor in her senior year, discovering a passion for design she could pursue as a career.

With a graphic design degree and 5+ years of experience in the industry, Brittany is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge. Currently working in the digital marketing field, Brittany knows exactly what it takes to get your ads in front of the right people.

Having an equal love for books as designs, Brittany is also pursuing traditional publishing. Currently represented by literary agent Leah Moss of Steven Literary, Brittany’s learned far too well that authors are often left doing most of their marketing themselves. So, Brittany has found how to combine her two loves together by creating promotional designs for authors from bookmarks, social media posts, to even book covers.